Children’s Pediatric Therapy Services

Pediatric Speech Therapy

Pediatric speech therapy is a specialized field that assists children to become effective communicators. To allow children to express their wants, needs and thoughts and allow them to create valuable relationships through communication. Children of all ages and levels of communication can be assisted by speech therapy intervention. By gaining communication skills their lives and the lives of their families can be greatly enhanced. In addition, oral motor therapy can assist in improving both mechanical and behavioral feeding issues. By coming to your child’s home or daycare we can work not only with the child, but with family members and caretakers that can greatly enhance the rehabilitation process.

Pediatric Occupational Therapy

Our pediatric occupational therapists and are experts in assessing and determining the areas of need for your child. They work with you to develop a specialized program to meet the needs of your child in the areas of feeding, dressing, play skills and sensory integration. They have worked with infants to toddlers and beyond to develop self help skills and fine motor skills including handwriting and keyboarding to help with them in school. The fact that they come out to your home, daycare, community setting and some schools allows them to work in the actual environment and with the people that are with them every day. This allows us a unique opportunity to teach the child, teachers or family members what it takes to succeed in their areas of need.

Pediatric Physical Therapy

Pediatric physical therapists work with children and their families to assist each child to reach their maximum gross motor capabilities. They do this by working with the children through play, therapeutic exercise and functional activities to assist the children to reach each of the gross motor milestones that they are capable of. With our ability to come to your home or the child’s daycare we can work in their natural environment. This allows us to work on the activities that the child and their caretakers do every day and work on the most important issues for each child and their families. In addition, by coming to the children we can easily educate the child’s family and/or caretakers on how to perform activities on a daily basis that can assist the child’s progress.

PTs address gross motor skills, such as, rolling, sitting, crawling, walking, running, stair climbing, ball play and negotiating playground equipment. The look to improve these through strengthening, stretching, coordination activities, balance challenges and endurance training.

The goal of physical therapy is to promote independence, increase participation and enhance learning opportunities for each child thus easing the daily challenges for the child and their family.